Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Evening Post/From Thursday On

Okay, it's Thursday.  But I'm going to schedule this for Saturday, and will edit it UNTIL Saturday, so that the previous Visiting Dignitary blog has time to stew and get comments.  Although, honestly, I think it probably has as many as it's going to get.

Today is the first day of my vacation.  Yes, a real vacation.  No travel.  No conference.  No nuthin.  I'm resting folks.  I've been stressed out of my mind for a while now (to the point where I was having muscle twitches in my left eye -- made me look like I was winking at strangers.  Uh, SO no.).  So I'm off until Tuesday and trying to relax.  Yeah, I'm doing stuff.  But in spurts.

Like today I've actually accomplished a bunch.  But I don't feel bad about it.  In no particular order:

1)  Got the mower fixed. (Shout out to Keith's Ace Hardware for a job well done).
2)  Got the front yard mowed.  (Back needs weed whacked first since it's almost hip deep.)
3)  Did 2 interviews/blogs.
4)  Found out from a friend where she gets her bags.  Went online there and found the bags I want to order for The Intergalactic Bar and Grille. (and was treated to punch and birthday cake in the process).
5) Cleaned out the litter boxes.
6) Answered the questions on the Visiting Dignitary Blog
7) Tweeted and Facebooked. 
8) Prayed. 
9) Scheduled Visiting Dignitary interviews and sent out questions.

And now I'm done.  Pooped.  Ready to recreate in some VERY sedentary way. 


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Tammy S said...

you wore me out reading what all you did today. We were just working on finishing up the den remodel, floors done, now working on tacking the wiring in place so it doesnt' drag across the floor or something.

the Intergalatic Bar n Grille huh? Pulling out my schedule for RT - checking day and time - hmmm - ahhh - yup I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing what bag you got for it.