Saturday, May 26, 2012


As you probably guessed from the previous post about my Dad.  Things have been hard of late.  There's no getting past that.  Loss happens to every single one of us at one time or another.  You get through it.  You keep moving forward because, frankly, there is no going back. 

That's part of life.

It is not, fortunately, all of life.  But without the darkness, there would be no contrast for the light.  The light wouldn't burn near so bright were there no end to it, no knowledge of its absence. 

I need to get back to writing.  It's hard to focus, and I suspect that the loss will in some ways color the book I am writing.  That's good.  Because good art reflects life, illuminating reality in ways both beautiful and ugly.  And I would like to think I can create good art.  I would like to believe that my words can touch others.  Judging by some of the things readers say to me, they occasionally do.

I will spend the holiday weekend writing, and working around the house, and thinking about my family.  I won't do the social things because I'm not feeling particularly social.

I will probably start blogging regularly again soon.  Maybe I'll get to doing the newsletter and the interviews and all of the other stuff that has been backlogged.  I'll go through the e-mails and try to figure out who I owe prizes to, and get back to the beta readers and potential assistants.

But not today. 

Not even this weekend.

I wish you all happiness.  Memorial Day is about remembering those who have fought for, and sometimes died for, our freedoms, so do that.  Then go celebrate those freedoms whichever way suits your fancy.  Eat a grilled burger or raise a glass for me.


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the CynikalKat said...

My condolences CT. I have lost both of my parents, as well as my adopted Mom, at young ages (for them and me) and I can tell you, it does get easier to deal with, but it never goes away, as it shouldn't. Remember the good, try to forget the bad, and love them strongly. Remember that they live on in you. Good luck.Enjoy your holiday.