Sunday, October 07, 2012

Status of THINGS

Okay, let's see.

1.  The book went in.  For good or for ill.  We'll find out which when the editor gets back to me.

2.  The check arrived.  (Sings the Hallelujah Chorus briefly.  Stops when dog starts howling.)

3.  The check will be going right back out to the IRS (who seem to feel that I earn more money than I think I do, but who "Have what it takes to take what I've got.").  I console myself with the knowledge that I LIKE roads, and PBS, and bridges, and airport security, etc.  I think the military need to get paid.  (They should probably get paid more, really, but I figure most people like me, think that the IRS thinks they make more money than they think they do.)  So paying taxes goes to many things I think need to happen and (sadly) some that I really don't.  But taken as a whole they are a necessary evil and I will send the $.

4.  I have started on the next book.  It will be written in 3rd person rather than first at the editor's request.  It is a fantasy/urban fantasy, and is hopefully going to be quite a lot of fun.  I had a whole slew of it previously written (for the proposal) in first person, so a lot of time will be spent on the old pages changing I and my to Brianna, she, and her, etc.  But that should be much quicker than actually doing a first pass on those pages.

I am happy.  I am excited.  And I will be even happier and more excited when I'm not quite so pooped.

I am also reading fantasy books in 3rd person to get my head back into writing in that form as opposed to the more-traditional-for-urban-fantasy 1st person (which I actually prefer).

5.  I have to do a newsletter.  I believe we haven't done one since something like JULY.  (Um, oops.)  I have also fallen off of the map on my website, social media, etc. because I quite frankly had a book that needed to be written that was fighting me tooth and nail.

6.  Since so few people actually commented on the previous post, all of those (5) who did will EVENTUALLY get a set of the audiobooks mailed out.  SO, if you're here again, please e-mail your snail mail address again with REALLY, AGAIN in the Re to  If not it will take longer because I have like a million and one e-mails that came in when I was avoiding the computer and I now have to weed through them all.  (UGH!)

Okay, off I go to do those things that need to be done.  Be well, be happy.  Keep reading.

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