Sunday, September 30, 2012

The book will go in Monday.

The Celia book-after-next (the next is THE ELDRITCH CONSPIRACY) is in the can.  Cathy is going over it.  She may make changes.   But come Monday it is off to the editor.


It is tenatively titled DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, which I think is perfect.  Unfortunately back in 2003 Sherrilyn Kenyon had a book with the same title and there are several others as well.  Of course most are a few years old, so maybe they'll let me use it anyway.  We'll see.

I am behind on absolutely EVERYTHING but there are a couple of personal items that have reached CRISIS status while I was wrapped up in meeting the deadline.  Today and tomorrow they HAVE TO BE SOLVED or there will be nasty consequences, so I am keeping this brief. 

But I am happy.  It's done.  I think it's quite good.  (A little short, but that's fixable.)

Anyway, I am off to deal with the crisis.  After which I will rest a few days and then try to catch up on things like newsletters, prize mail-outs, and the next thing. 

No rest for the weary (I don't think I qualify for wicked right now.  I'm too busy to be bad.).

Be well, be happy.


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