Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Better

Okay, I've been pushing myself pretty hard.  There are reasons.  But then, there always are.  Unfortunately, the Wednesday before the holiday I caught a bug.  So, I've spent most of the holiday weekend sleeping and taking decongestants.  The good news -- the decongestants work.  The bad news, they make me depressed.  I know it.  I am trying to ignore it.  It will pass.  And I need to take the decongestants because I DO NOT NEED another case of bronchitis or pneumonia.  I already have scarring on my lungs from previous cases.

I will be fine.  It will be fine.  Eventually I will get everything done that I need to.  But I really didn't want to spend the holiday weekend feeling like crap.  Seriously, what a nuisance!

Hope you all had a happy and HEALTHY Thanksgiving.

Best always.



Tammy S said...

Glad to hear the decongestants are working, cause bronchitis sucks!

As for the holiday - wellllll....sister had an accident, a deer wanted to see the car close up the Sunday before. Sister is fine, and car is being fixed as I type.

Thanksgiving wasn't real healthy but very thankful.

Anonymous said...

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