Monday, February 13, 2006

Hi guys!

Hey YO! Hiya Jim! Hi Shawn! Guten Morgen AE! And greetings to everybody else who comes by.

Let's see, I haven't got much time (snuck into work very early to get a bit of this done since my social obligations have been being totally neglected!)

Yo -- I'm so proud of how much writing you're getting done, and that your little one is enjoying kindy! As soon as I get done judging the books for the contest I'm hoping to track down all your work online. I love your stuff, but I haven't had time to do any reading that isn't required. Sigh.

Jim -- I really hope your Dad is doing better. He's had a really rough year! Give him my best and tell him to take it easy. Hope to stop by the Werewolf Cafe again soon. I stopped by last night, but just read a few posts and lurked. It's really gotten BIG. WOW.

AE -- CONGRATS on the novel!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! BIGGGGGG attapersons! Let me know when it is on the shelves so I can get a copy!

Hi Shawn! I'm really glad you've been stopping by!

Uh oh, life is calling. Gotta run. See everybody again soon I hope!



Anonymous said...

Hi Cie,
Happy Mon day! My Dad is out of the hospital now. I sent you an email today too.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!