Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stuff/Then Rant

A couple of things. I should keep this short while I try to get moving at work, but there are things I want to address.

Good news -- Our editor from Tor will be at a conference in early April in San Antonio so we're going to head down to meet up with her. When we inquired about it the group graciously invited us to join their signing AND to speak. Seriously cool!


First - I hate having to be phony, but sometimes it is just required. For example, in a previous job I worked for more than 7 people, and there were 65 or so faculty members. Some of them were terrific. Some of them were terrific a**holes. I had to be polite to each and every one of them, no matter how ridiculously or horrendously they behaved. It's part of the whole office staff job description. Then there are the really snobby folks who turn up their noses at what I write or do things like wave cheerily, but speed up so that they won't have to talk to me outside of the office. Still have to grin and bear it when they show up at work. UGH.

I also have no clue on certain social issues, and don't give a da** about others. Which makes it very difficult for me when I'm placed in situations with folks for whom appearances are EVERYTHING. I really do care a lot more about what someone has to say than what they're wearing when they say it -- and whether I think they're a good hearted person than what kind of vehicle they drive or the neighborhood they live in (or their apparent bank balance).

Secondly, I hate that people ASSUME that your characters' lives reflect yours. I've written a psychopathic serial killer -- but I'm not; a cop (I'm not); a vampire hunter (Nope); etc., etc. Some of our characters are prejudiced. Some are brilliant, some aren't. I figure I (and by extension other authors) wouldn't be all that creative if we had to LIVE OUT everything we put our characters through. Doesn't make sense. Just because a character loves a leather and chrome living room doesn't mean I've got one. And believe me the characters' sexual proclivities and preferences reflect options out in the real world but not necessarily my or Cathy's own preferences or practices. (Hell, I have no idea, nor do I want to know, what goes on between my favorite authors and their significant other(s)). The prurient interest aspect really annoys me.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, I hate having to act like a phony too. I know exactly what you mean! And I'm having to do a lot of that lately with my daughter starting school and all...

Who cares how someone dresses or anything like that? Individuality is a wonderful thing.

As for people believing what you write somehow reflects your own life -- OMG! You've read some of my more creepy stuff! How could anyone think that? Making up vivid, new worlds is what writers do, it's called using your IMAGINATION. I guess some people just don't have one.

Have a GREAT weekend CIE and I guess it's best not to worry about it too much! ;)


Anonymous said...

Don't feel like your being phoney, feel like you're just being nice and polite. It's admirable to be nice and polite. And hey, if people have predetermined ideas of what you are like, it's probably because you are becoming more and more famous now, you are falling out of the ordinary person caliber and moving into the famous person caliber. It seems like some people get ideas of who other people are through their craft, if they don't know them. Lastly, when people judge other people by what they wear and what they own, that really doesn't say a whole lot about the person doing the actual judging (as it's shallow).