Saturday, June 03, 2006


OKAY, draft is done and I survived. I'm taking a day off, then two to polish it one more time, then it goes to Cathy for her edits. I'm pooped. Totally pooped. But it is good that it's done, and for the moment at least, I think it's a good book.

Jim -- I'll check on your question about RT. I'm not sure where it's supposed to be. Oh, and are you headed to the Vampire Lestat Ball this year? I'm thinking of going and I'd love to run into you.

Had a wonderful time at RT, but, as is sometimes (often) the case, the trip wore me out too much and the body started raising hell with me. I'm doing better now. :)

Had fun watching some videos with James. Two were from Fountains of Wayne, (Stacy's Mom and another one that has a chorus of "The sun still shines in the summertime. I'll be yours if you'll be mine. I tried to change, but I changed my mind. Think I'll have another glass of Mexican wine." I don't remember the title, but I loved it.) the third is a send up of all my favorite old 1980s videos. It's done by Bowling for Soup and the song is 1985. Oh my GOD I laughed so hard! I'm having a hard time accepting that it's been 20+ years, but there you go. Hair metal will never die. (I'm paraphrasing Jim Butcher, because I'm not big on polka.)

Have a great day everybody.


Y said...


How you doing? It's been a while since we last spoke! Sounds like you've been so busy with the convention and finishing the book. Which BTW, CONGRATS! That's excellent. Can't wait to read it. When's this one scheduled for release? :)

Anyway, have a GREAT weekend. Pop by the ol' Y blog if you get a chance. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool, thank you for looking into RT for me. I think I pretty much "have to" go to the Vampire Lestat Ball this year. I didn't book any flights yet, so i'll keep you posted. Sounds like there are going to be a few fun authors there, should be a blast-a-rinio!