Friday, October 13, 2006

Nervous Nellie

Hi Guys!

I'm getting ready to take James to Denver and I'm nervous as hell. Not a lot of reason for it really. He's an adult. He's capable. But, I'm scared. It's part of being a mom. First off, I'm going to miss him. Secondly, there are never any guarantees. But the house sitters and animal sitters are lined up. The car's been worked on. Most of the stuff is packed. It's going to happen whether I'm ready for it or not. Having a major computer crash and a book deadline at the same time didn't help, either. OY.

Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I want things to go well for him so very badly. Heck, I want things to go well for ME so badly too. And the animals, never forget the animals!

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Y said...

Hi Cie!

GOOD LUCK and take it easy on your drive over and back, okay? I know you're nervous and worried, but try to relax. Always easier said than done, I know... but sometimes we just gotta glide along.

Will be thinking of you both... and the animals! :)