Friday, October 27, 2006

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Okay, well, I'm a bit bummed about Vampire Lestat, but there you go. Nothing I can do about it.

James is doing OK in Denver, which is good news.

Let's see, we got an inquiry from Australia about the whole "mating" issue among the Sazi. So I worked up a summary, ran it by Cathy and here it goes:

Mating –

In the Sazi world mating is a magical and physical bond between Sazi. (Generally of the opposite sex, although there are some gay and lesbian Sazi.) These bonds grow stronger through sexual contact. There are two types.

Single-sided matings – this occurs when one person is mated to another, but the recipient does not return the bond. It is actually fairly common but can cause serious problems with obsessive behavior, stalking, etc. If the recipient does not wish to enter into a relationship the cure is to separate the couple. Eventually, with therapy and avoidance the bond fades (it never breaks). The more powerful alphas tend to “collect” people mating to them (this is a biological leftover as the strongest were the best breeding stock/survival of the fittest, etc.). The recipient of a single-sided mating can, in a crisis or deliberately, pull power from the person mated to them. Losing the mate to another has been known to cause madness in extreme cases. (See Jack Simpson).

Double-matings – these are relatively rare. This is when both sides of the couple mate to each other. It is a bond where awareness and powers can be shared mutually. It usually takes real effort for one person to shut the other out. However, there are situations that can interfere. (Sometimes major hormonal shifts, like pregnancy can cause real issues).

Some general notes regarding both types of mating:

1) It affects both males and females, but not equally. A female can still enjoy sexual contact with someone other than her mate. It is not “the same” but she will not be incapable.

2) A mated male who totally bonds with his female will relatively quickly become incapable of having intercourse with anyone else. His body will simply not react. While he can initiate and participate in other forms of sexual contact, it will be a less than satisfying experience.

3) There are those who desperately wish to be mated. (Like looking for a “soul mate.”) But for the most part, many males regard it with more than a touch of horror as it is irreversible and because of (2) above and (4) below.

4) If the mate dies, the surviving half of the couple generally dies too (particularly in wolves). They “pine,” and are unwilling and unable to eat or drink. It is a slow, painful death.

I had run into a snag on the newest book. Wound up going to bed to "sleep on it." I came up with what feels like the right solution. Today I'm trying to write it, and it's not going nearly as smoothly as it did in my head last night. It is, however, moving forward, toward the climax. WHOOO HOOO!!!

I swear, sometimes I just can't get over the fact that I'M WRITING BOOKS. REAL BOOKS, ON THE SHELVES AND EVERYTHING. WHOOO HOOO!!! Weird, having your dreams come true. Very good, but very weird.

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Rhona said...

At last!

I've been trying to find your blog forever and it's everything I'd hoped it would be. Your Sazi series are my favorite books EVER!

I'm a beginner, have a few short fiction credits to my name and am about to begin the whole query process with my first novel.

I want to thank you for all these articles on writing and publishing...this is wonderful! Please keep em coming for the eager learners like me.