Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Back

Okay, I'm back. The finger is healing. It's still painful, but it will be for a while.

Nox and the kittens have settled in and are happy and doing well from all reports.

I have a lead on a possible job in Denver. I have been taking the steps necessary to move forward in that direction. Keeping my fingers crossed is counterproductive, but I AM hopeful.

Our newest book, the first in the Blood Singer series (Blood Song) is shipped and getting terrific reviews. It is YA friendly, and we are very excited. It technically hits the shelves on June 8, but you may catch a glimpse of it sooner since it wasn't a hard release date.

The quilt is up at the Brenda Novak diabetes auction. It is gorgeous. Please bid early and often.

And because I feel like I haven't done enough with the Breakfast Serial lately (or any posting with the finger hurting like it is) I'm posting a short story tomorrow morning. Look for it here. :)

Oh, and if the Posse would, send me e-mails. I'm feeling neglected as an NSEO, and you wouldn't want me heading down the dark path because of that sort of thing would you? BWAH HA HA HA.

1 comment:

Dolly said...

Great to see you back with us. We really did miss you. Can't wait for Blood Song. Also, you mentioned a book deal with TOR/Forge, does that mean more Sazi? Please, please!!!

Sincerely Cie, glad to have you back. Take care of yourself this time and best of luck with the Denver job.