Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Posse Bookmarks, Newsletter, And Stuff

I took today off at the day job.

I was originally scheduled for some medical testing that got re-scheduled. But I wasn't up to snuff physically (nothing serious, don't worry), so I stayed home and rested up. Did things like laundry. Started on the posse presents. They are going to be red ribbon bookmarks with a cat button weight at one end. The cat button is a black cat very similar to Nitsche from Emily the Strange. I, of course, believe it is a good rendition of "Inkspot the Infamous" my beloved many-toed feline. Each one is hand-sewn by yours truly, and therefore possesses certain imperfections that (you will just have to put up with) make it truly unique.

I also wrote a bit. Planned a bit. And basically tried to take care of myself.

1 comment:

Dolly said...

Very glad you are taking care of yourself. That is the most important thing!!
Still, looking forward to the bookmarks. I don't have one and can't figure out why.