Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bookmarks, distribution, conferences, medical crap and so forth

I am still sewing bookmarks. Seriously. There was a LOT of response from Posse members, former posse members, and I wanna be in the posse members. This is a wondrous occurrence. But dammit I promised to make the gifts with my own two hands and my own two hands are somewhat busy um, well, writing the next book. SO, the book is being written, AND the bookmarks are being manufactured when I am too braindead to write the book, AND the day job is still getting done. Somehow. I'm not quite sure how I'm juggling it all, but by golly I actually AM.

The mass market version of Blood Song is hitting the market en masse. Seriously, we've got some great distribution going on. I'm thinking in the newsletter I should do a contest with "e-mail us where you found the book" or some such. Except that would entail prizes. Which would have to be made. So perhaps it is not such a wise idea after all. But I am WILDLY happy about the distribution.

Cathy and I are getting ready to attend a couple of conferences. FenCon is comming up in Dallas in September and we will be there. I will be at RT next spring and am already in the throes of planning. We're going to do signings in October I believe. And there will be other marvellous events. You should check the newsletter for details. Assuming, of course you GET the newsletter. (And if not WHY not?)

I am going for some medical testing Monday and Tuesday. It should be minor and will hopefully take care of the annoyance that has been, well, ANNOYING me. I hope.

And lastly, pray for RAIN. We need it so desperately! I mean, seriously. There are towns in Texas that are completely OUT of water. Others are actually considering recycling waste water. (Um, ewwww.) So, put the word out. Light the bat signal. Use whatever influence you may have.

And have a wonderful evening.

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Dolly said...

Cie, I have missed your blogs so much. It's actually like we're having a conversation, the way you write them.
Hope everything turns out well with the medical tests!!