Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update on What's Happening

For those of you who wonder where I've been, my father was ill and in the hospital and I flew off to Illinois to be with the family.  He is now out of the hospital, and doing as well as can be expected, but there are some things that just "can't be fixed."   I love my parents desperately, but they are in their eighties, so there will be things like this trip happening. 

It was a wonderful visit, despite the circumstances, and I am SO glad I went, but it has changed all of my travel plans (as in canceled).  I will no longer be attending RT in two weeks.  I am sorry.  I hope no one is too disappointed.  But there you go.

I must go now.  A friend is picking me up at the hotel to go home and I need to be ready.  But I thought I'd let everyone know.




the CynikalKat said...

My condolences, CT. I just went through something similar, flying from MA to OH to say goodbye to my mom who passed away the 20th. Blessings to you and yours.

Tammy S said...

Family is more important!

A few year ago I had the chance to go to RT (was held 2 hours from me), had everything planned and was lookng forward to it, but my mom got super sick and ended up in the hospital. I cancelled RT without regrets and stayed with mom.

Dolly said...

Everyone will certainly understand. Thoughts and prayers coming your way. My Dad is 78 with a pacemaker/defib. Know what you're going through.
Hang in there. Life happens.