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Okay guys, besides being a terrific author, Shannon is a really good friend of mine.  So be nice.  Comment lots, and buy her books, not just because I said so, but because they are WONDERFUL.

I give to you (but only on loan and for a limited time)  SHANNON BUTCHER:


What releases do you have coming out in 2012?

I just had an eSpecial novella come out in February, titled BOUND BY VENGEANCE. It’s part of the Sentinel Wars world, featuring Liam and Dakota in a hunt for the demons who killed her brother. In March book 6 of the Sentinel Wars, DYING WISH, comes out. This is Jackie and Iain’s story. After that, I have another novella coming out in late summer titled FORGET ME NOT, and the third book in the Edge series, EDGE OF SANITY, coming this fall.

If you had to be “stuck in an elevator” with one of your characters for several hours, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I’m not sure I’d want to be that close to any of my characters. They all have demons, fanatical scientists, and killers after them. Way too much stress. J
You write romance (and do it well may I add), why that genre?

I grew up reading fantasy and sci-fi. I didn’t pick up a romance until 1998 (after years of nagging from some of my friends and family). I’d always scoffed at them as those books my mom read. Finally, I gave into the pressure and picked one up. I was totally and utterly hooked. This was what all of those other books I’d read had been missing—that deep connection and the thrill of falling in love. Even if I were to ever branch out beyond straight romance, I don’t think I’d ever be able to do so without that fundamental romantic core.

Do you listen to music as you write? If so, which artists? What is your playlist?

I need music for inspiration, and typically listen to rock and alternative rock. But when I write, I need silence or white noise. Anything else is simply too distracting. 

Does having another writer in the house make the process harder or easier? 

Both. There are times when there is twice the stress or double deadlines in the house. That makes things tough. But on the flip side, we also totally get what each other is going through. There’s no need to explain why I need to spend the next week with my fingers attached to the keyboard to the exclusion of all else. Jim just gets it. And being able to talk shop is nice, too.

The best part is the flexibility we have. If we want to run off on a date in the middle of the day, we can. Assuming there are no looming deadlines. J

The business of writing is changing rapidly. Do you find the change scary? Invigorating? How (if at all) have you changed your career plans/path as a result?

You know, if I worried about this stuff, it would eat me alive with stress. I’ve decided just to worry about that part that’s within my control, so I write the books I want to write as well as I can, as quickly as I can, and let people smarter than me worry about the future of publishing and strategizing.

What is one key bit of advice you would give to a prospective writer?

Write. A lot. Every day. Even if it’s only a few words you get down, your head will stay in book space, and your subconscious will work even while you’re not. Plus, one of the great benefits of writing a lot is that each word you write becomes less precious. One of the keys to writing a great book is cutting out all the crap that isn’t good. If you’ve written 100k words, you’re much more likely to cut out the bad 10k than if you’ve only written a total of 20k, and you’re looking at cutting half. And there’s that whole thing where you actually get better when you write more, and have less to cut. That doesn’t suck. J 


Ellece said...

Hi Shannon!! Cie, thank you SO much for having such an awesome visiting dignitary!! Shannon, you said something that really hit home with me, as a writer.. I just don't take the time to write every day, and I really need to do so. There are sooo many words swimming in my head every day, and they really do need to get out. I'm going to put that into practice, and I am also going to check out your books. :) So, I hear you're into jewelry... I'm such a girly girl, and I'd love to see your work! What a cool hobby!!

Thank you again, so very much, Cie and Shannon!

Veronica said...

Good writing advice! I need to be more disciplined about writing every day--the unending lament of thousands of authors I'm sure.

So, since you don't want to be stuck in an elevator with one of your characters, maybe you can hand that wish over to one of your readers? And send that man on over naked. :-D Some things are worth risking demons and mad scientists!

Sylvia Lucas said...

Hi Shannon I've been a fan for a while now - my favourite book s are still the Delta Force series particularly No Control. If you were to quit romance novels which genre would you then write?

alainala said...

i love seeing these interviews!!! you always hear from writers about the other half, but ive never seen one where the other half is a writer (and i love his books as well)
do you tend to borrow inspiration from him? or vice versa?

Cathy Clamp said...

Thanks for dropping by, Shannon! Always great to "see" you. :D


Jackie said...

I have to shamefully admit to only having your books on wishing to read list Shannon, however have every intention of someday reading the Sentinel Wars and The Edge series both.
My favorite part of this post was "We can run out and have a date in the middle of the day, deadlines permitting." That is something very few non-retired folks can do and am glad you two have that ability, it makes all those hours writing worthwhile!

Jackie B Central Texas

Maria said...

Hello Shannon, I am just catching up with FB and saw you would be the visiting dignitary. Cool. I am an avid reader of what I call "dark paranormal", sort of edgy, complex, multi-layered with shades of gray. Translate that I have read each book in the Sentinal Wars series! I hope you are planning to keep your series going for a long time. Somehow a majority of my fav authors have moved up to the hardback/large paperback category (including Cie and your SO!). So I know I will see you there soon. And I am not complaining. I rather think of it as I simply have great taste in my reading material. All the best.

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks to Cie for inviting me for some chatty fun. :)

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Ellece and Veronica, I do hope that you give the daily writing thing a shot, even if only for a week or so. It may not work for you as it does for me, but it really pushed me up to that next level.

Good luck and happy writing!

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Thanks, Sylvia! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the Delta Force trilogy! NC was my favorite, too. :)

I'm not sure I'd ever give up the romantic aspect of my writing completely, but I could see doing urban fantasy or possibly thrillers. They would likely still have a romance thread weaving through them, but it would be more of a subplot, and not necessarily end happily. But for now, I'm still in love with romance with no plans to leave it behind.

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Alainala, Jim and I quit reading each other's work years ago because we didn't want our whole lives to be about the work. We talk shop, but as far as overlapping ideas go, I'm sure some of it happens simply because we get the same brain food. We watch the same movies, sit at the gaming table together, and even occasionally play online games together. We're both putting a lot of the same creative stuff in, so it wouldn't surprise me to see some similarities come out. However, it's never intentional. Plus, we've been married 21 years now and have rubbed off on each other just a little. :)

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Hi Cathy! *waves*

Shannon K. Butcher said...

No worries, Jackie. When you're ready to read, I'll be here. :)

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Thanks, Maria! It's great to hear you're enjoying the Sentinels. I hope your picking hardback winners streak continues. :)

Lynn Willerton said...

Thanks for stopping by. Would like to see posts of your jewelry.

Shannon K. Butcher said...

Lynn, here's a link to a beaded leather steampunk bag I made:

You can also find more of my jewelry in my monthly website contest here:

I don't really have a place showing past work I've done. Sorry. I just do it for fun. It's my sanity craft. :)

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Hi Shannon,

I love both your paranormal and romantic suspense books.

Thanks for the great interview and for the links to your beautiful jewelry!

*yadkny* said...

Hi Shannon!
Great getting to know more about you! Congrats on your latest release! I definitely have the whole of the Sentinel Wars series on my wishlist.

Gisela Carvalho said...

Hello Shannon,

I'm a great fan of you my favourites are the sentinel wars of course specially Madoc's book.. But one doub when it will come out Nicholas book ???

And as always you still one of my favourite writters !!! <3 <3