Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi Guys!

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow.  I celebrated today by planting myself some shamrocks!  One of my friends had both white and purple ones.  Since I'd never seen them with purple flowers before I begged a bit from her.  They'll look lovely in the front yard once they recover from being transplanted.

Isn't the cover above gorgeous!  It's for the next Blood Singer book.  I'm THRILLED with it!  Very exciting stuff.

Also, I am now officially going to start dealing with individual newsletters and publicizing the individual website.  Kind of scary, but exciting too.

RT is coming up soon.  I will not be able to attend, but Cathy will be there!  We're taking part in the INTERGALACTIC BAR AND GRILLE.  It is a seriously fun party with lots of blinky stuff, glow in the dark stuff, prizes, and lots of fun.  I'm hoping you'll all go there and have a blast--say hi to everyone for me.  I'm going to ask you all to send me pictures of the party at so that I'll see what I'm missing.

I'm a bit behind on sending out prizes. (Yeah, yeah, I know you're SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say.)  But they're getting packed today and going out Monday.  So hang in there, and I really do apologize for the delay.

I am working on polishing up the first Fae novel THE EXILE for review by the beta readers.  I was going to get it to them sooner, but edits came in for Dance and I ran out of time.  SO, now I'm getting on track.

OH BTW -- if you get the chance GO TO MYSTIC MERCHANT and buy something.  My friend Pat Elrod makes absolutely awesome stuff, and she has had some recent, unexpected vet bills for her cherished pet (the dog that previously belonged to Pat's deceased sister).  So see if you can help.  I think she's also doing something at indigogo.  goto: 

Let's see.  What I'm reading at the moment:

I'm doing a re-read of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  Just finished Small Favor which is one of my favorites.  I immediately went to the short story which comes after The Warrior from Mean Streets so that I could re-read the scene where Uriel talks to Harry in the church balcony.  Beautiful work.  Read it if you get the chance.

Okay--off to do the first official newsletter and update the website.  YIKES.



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