Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pet Peeves

Okay, everybody has them. Little things that drive you NUTSOID. The dufus who is texting while you're on your date. The guy who takes a call at the movies or in church.

Mine is speakerphones.

I HATE speaker phones. If you put me on one, I will find a way to hang up as fast as is humanly possible without being so rude as to rupture the relationship. There are people I no longer call because they have started routinely putting me on speaker.

I understand that it is convenient for the other person. I understand that if they HAVE to do something with their hands (like driving) it may be necessary.

Don't care.


If you can't talk, tell me. We'll do it later.

DO NOT put me on speakerphone.

If I call, I am planning on a private conversation. You and me. Not you, me, and everyone else in the room. I can't know who will be there. There may be things I want to talk about that I trust a female friend with (like oh, say, menopause or the possibility of hooking up with the cute guy that's seriously younger, but not nearly as young as the one that was younger than my son) that I would NEVER talk about with their husband or next door neighbor in the room. If you've got me on speaker I'll be absolutely mortified. And they'll feel perfectly justified about chiming in to the conversation. Or they'll be mortified too and try to be quiet.

And I believe in actually paying attention to the person you're talking with anyway. I will admit that I occasionally am guilty of trying to do two things at once too. But it's rude, and I'm working on it.

Besides, speaker phones echo. Some more than others. But they echo. And it's ANNOYING.

So, that's mine. I'm practically rabid about it.

What's yours?


Suzette said...

LOL that is good to know. I don't ever put anyone on speakerphone unless its like my sis and she doesnt care. Besides if you ask me to take you off, I will.

Other than that, I hope you are well.

Dolly said...

I too hate being on speakerphone but my pet peeve is: People on cells phones....while they're driving, waiting in line and holding up the line because they are not paying attention. Seriously, I was at a store in line behind an older lady (about 65 or so) and she was talking on the phone. Her order was all done and the cashier told her 4 times how much she owed. She was still at the end of the counter talking and I couldn't put my groceries on the belt. She kept talking and talking. Finally an employee opened another line and I went there. When I left, she was STILL talking and not paying her bill. The poor kid was trying to get her attention. WOW. That felt good. Held that in for a while.

No I don't hate cell phones, I just think there is a time and a place for them.

Hope you are feeling better Cie.

Tammy said...

My pet peeve?

That's hard... I have I don't know 3 or 4 things I guess that really bug me, smoking, drinking or using alcohol in food, breaking a book's spine, and excess swearing for no reason other than the "shock" factor it gives.

As for smoking - I have chronic bronchitis now due to second hand smoke, I have never smoked a day in my life but a family member smoke dup to 2 packs a day at times. The drinking or using alcohol, I don't beleive in it - to me the alcohol smells and I can have fun without that, and no I've never had a drink in my life either. As for the book, that's just wrong, especially if it's not your book. As for the swearing, my grandmother always told me, a person who swears a lot is simple lacking in communication skills, they do it for shock value and because they can't think of another word to use. But occassionally swearing is permitted cause nothing else works, my two big swear words are he.l, and da.n. That's it. If I feel the need for stronger words I've been know to use fudge instead of something else.

Shawn said...

It's people who fall all over themselves to get in front of me (either on the road or at the mall or whatever), then go SLOWER than I was going. I just want to run them down...