Friday, January 01, 2010


Okay, JUST finished printing up the master for the calendars for the posse. I will be taking it to the printer/copier place when the truck is available to travel.

It was hard work folks, and it probably doesn't look as professional as it could. But pretend you're impressed when you see them because I tried REALLY HARD. It was fun, but I'm pooped.

For the record, I have a really great auto mechanic. He's fair, reputable, and doesn't charge an arm and a leg. It is not his fault that small trucks are not (pardon the pun) big in Texas, so getting parts is a pain in the patoot. Nor is it his fault that (ahem) the truck is question is not as young as she used to be. (Are any of us? I mean, really!) The fact that he wasn't willing to pass off an inferior part is a big good on him. I am grateful. Oh, I'm impatient. But I AM grateful.

ANYWAY, I've been very good. I did my exercises, cleaned house, did the calendars, etc. I think I may call it a day at this point. Because it's a holiday, and I'm pooped.



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Dolly said...

You've been a busy bee today. Okay so I tried emailing you 2 pictures of my pets. Let me know if you get them. I didn't have the name on the first one but the bigger dog is Tiggur and the smaller dauschaund is Rusty. I just finished cleaning up after all the family has left so I'm pooped too.

Take Care