Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Exhausted

So tired. Amazingly, bone crushingly weary. Stupid too. I actually slept long and well last night. But the flu hasn't completely let go of me yet. I still have congestion, and this stupid weariness. It is also starting to kick in my asthma, which is no fun either.

ANYWAY, I'm not terribly coherent this morning, so I'm just going to ramble and roll with it.

First, talent neglected atrophies. I used to be able to paint and draw. Not brilliantly as I'd like, but well enough that I went to college as an art major briefly (dropped out). ANYWAY, I decided to try to include something special with a gift to a couple who I am friends with. I decided to do a portrait of Jim and Shannon based on photos from the web. I failed. Miserably. The talent is just gone. Depressing. If I make a huge effort and time investment I may be able to recapture some of it. Or maybe not. But I don't have a huge amount of time to invest, and my energy needs to go into the writing and making a living. But I mourn the loss of the ability I used to have. It might not have been an "A" talent, but it was a solid "B" and now it's just gone. Sigh.

Had a rather intense dream the other night. I was on a boat (speed or motor boat, I couldn't see it, but we were skimming across the ocean). In the distance to the right was one possible destination. But it was surrounded by not one but 5 tornadoes/cyclones, circling and menacing it like a pack of dogs. They weren't exactly sentient, but they were almost aware, and hugely, viciously terrifying at the same time that they were oddly beautiful. We turned left and headed toward a different island (tropical, smaller, but populated.) It had a tornado coming for it too, but we were coming in after it, and it was smaller. The boat captain assured me that "this one will be no problem. We'll go here." We did and it was fine. But I worried about the people on that other island.


Tammy said...

Wow interesting dream! One of mine last night was I owned an ornament shop, and was selling ornaments - and not just for Xmas but for a wide variety of holidays and for other things.

Sorry to hear about the painting I used to draw, and stopped and I can't do it at all now either. But I found that I was able to do other types of crafty things where I couldn't before. My theory is that the talent decided to morph into some other kind of talent.

Shawn said...

Feel better, Cie! So far this year's been one long string of Mondays. Kind'a wears you down, but a friend of mine pointed out that if we're getting all the Mondays now, all the Fridays are building up for later...

Anonymous said...


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