Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahhhhh OOOPS

Okay, presumed I could probably eat regular food yesterday. Nothing too spicy. Just a McDonalds sausage biscuit at breakfast and a pot pie at dinner.


The food poisoning is still kicking my ass.

Which sucketh.

It sucketh more because my plumbing decided to start acting up under the strain. ("Not NOW. You have GOT to be kidding me!"). Landlady is coming with a plumber in the morning. Not sooner because it's still working, it's just fussing about it.

Getting ready for the big trip to RT. Massive laundry run (to the laundromat since plumbing is acting up). Housesitter lined up. Have the short story right at the climax, and the edits ready on the other short story. Oh, and the first pass copyedits arrived on book 2 of the new series.

I'm behind on everything, I'm exhausted, and nauseous.

WHINE, WHINE, WHINE. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Seriously, my life is really good most of the time. Love my family. My son rocks. Have great friends and great pets. I have a good job (which aint bad in this economy) and a career (which is a separate thing, which is sort of weird), and more things to be grateful for than I could shake a stick at (if I felt so inclined, which I kinda don't cause it'd look silly.) So, I'm going to chalk this up to the sleep needed grumpies and go back to bed. See if a little sleep improves my attitude.



Anonymous said...


Sleep may help. I say may because right now it ain't helping me - my bronchitis is acting up - so bad I ain't sleeping. But I AM determined to go to RT next Sat to see you guys and some others.

Tammy said...

OH for pete's sake - blogger doents' like me again this morning - that last post was by me


Dolly said...

I think you're allowed to whine Cie. By the way, it may be a bug and the food poisoning. Been going around here big time. I lost 4 pounds because of the nausea and the

Tammy, you're hilarious. Say hi to Cie and Cathy for me at RT.

Y'all have fun.

Tammy said...

Will do Dolly!

Ellece said...

C'mon, Cie... let's run away, but not to some exotic island or anything. No, I want us to go to some resort-type hospital, hahaha, so we can get well! I'm two weeks exactly into my new job, and I had to take my first sick day today, because I have a massive sinus infection. This one's a beaut, complete with nausea, vomiting, bleeding sinuses, the whole bit. I'm so sick of being sick! I'm a happy-go-lucky sort, cracking jokes being silly all the time, so I take it personally when I get sick like this. This was the first respiratory thing since the pneumonia in December, so at first coughing on this level freaked me out, heh. I just want to feel well physically, all the time!