Monday, April 05, 2010

Just a Quickie

Okay, I've GOT to get things done today. I've been sleeping more (probably a good thing for my body, but such a bad thing for my schedule!). I'm VERY behind on things.

Friday night my glasses broke. The metal gave, so they fell into two separate pieces. I didn't realize how much worse my eyes have gotten until I didn't have them. Holy CRAP! Okay, this was bad. Tried the reading glasses thing. It didn't work. Okay it worked, kinda. But not well enough to really function. SO bad. Now, fortunately, I need them for close stuff and for an astygmatism, so I could still drive, BUT I'm a writer. Not being able to read ANYTHING with print less than an inch tall was SO not working. Of course this being a holiday weekend the small town where I reside had nothing open in the way of optometrists. SO I had to go to the nearest city. Went to a quickie optical, but because they're no line bifocals (you may now make jokes about my age. I'm okay with it.) I can't have them until Tuesday or Wednesday. At least they only cost 1/2 of what the original pair ran, but finding frames I could stand was a challenge. And the thought of being as non-functional as I was (did I mention the headache? The being off-balance because suddenly the astygmatism [which I'd lived with before glasses for years just fine] suddenly being uncorrected made my world shift?)

But the optical guy (who suddenly became heroic optical guy and I would give him a shout out if I could remember the name of the store without any caffeine in my system) told me that a jeweler could probably solder the frames for about $20.00. SO I go to the mall and find a jeweler who did, indeed, solder the frames back together. (WOO HOO -- Let's hear it for the jeweler at XIV KARATS in the Sunset Mall, San Angelo!!!)

SO I now can see. And, you know, um, WALK. But I spent quite a bit of money this weekend that I really didn't want to. And an entire day of writing went down the toilet. BUT now I can see, so I can write. And I'd better do just that.


Cie/C.T. Adams


Tammy said...

Oh geesh, I hate when that happened to me. Fortunately my frames are plastic so super glue worked. The optician wasnt happy with me though cause it also got on the glasses - and i use glass lenses not plastic, took 2 weeks for new ones.

I'm hoping to get new glasses myself sometime in the next two months, need to save a little more since i prefer glass lenses and large round plastic frames. The glasses are more than the plastic ones are.

Dolly said...

Cie, I can't believe it. If for no luck you wouldn't have any luck at all. Wouldn't it be nice to go say, a week without something messing up.

I guess I'm lucky for my age. I don't need any help reading but do need some to drive and watch TV. Tried the no-line bifocals thing and what a mess. Tried for 2 weeks and was still misstepping and getting an upset