Sunday, April 11, 2010

Procrastination is an Art and Chocolate is a Vegetable

Good Morning.

Sundays are my "day off." I know I probably should work, but I have found that unless I take one day off each week I wear myself out and get ill. SO, I take Sundays, do my church and prayer, putter around the house, and try to have a good time. Yes, it's procrastination, but it's procrastination at its finest. And this afternoon, after church, I'm actually going to get to do one of my favorite things. I'm going out to my friends Don and Cathy's house and shooting pool. WOOT! I haven't shot pool in over a year. Since I used to shoot every single morning it has been something I've seriously missed.

Today is Sunday. SO, while I should be digging thistles, ("Ooh, man, I DIG thistles." "Really? I'm more into music.") I'm sitting listening to Nickelback and typing. Okay, "This Afternoon" came on and I spent the whole song dancing, half of it with Lucky the Wonder Dog in accompaniment. I'm kind of a spastic dancer, so she went a little nuts. But it was FUN.

This week I've rediscovered music. "Rediscovered?" Yup. I have a magnificent stereo that I haven't hooked up since I moved here six years ago. I have a collection of vinyl, tapes (both 8 track which I can't run and cassette which I can) cd, and an IPOD. I have been such a workhorse that I haven't used any of them more than once every six months or so. BUT the other day I had the radio in the truck cranked trying to wake up for the day job and they played one of my favorite songs. While I knew I remembered the first three bars I COULDN'T REMEMBER THE SONG at first. This is NOT something that's ever been an issue for me. Even songs I HATE I know. But it was gone. And then BAD MEDICINE started blasting out of the speakers. And I rocked out. Parked in front of the office with the stereo blasting loud enough to make my country loving neighbors driving by stare and shake their heads (and maybe one or two fingers LOL), and I DANCED. That is a trick seated, but it's possible. (I've seen my wheelchair-bound acquaintances dance, so why not?!) And it not only woke me up, it made me so happy and energized I had a really GREAT day.

It made me think. When was the last time I played my music the way I want and just cut loose? Answer, over six years ago. I play the radio in the truck (now that they have a station that isn't country in this section of Texas) and the station is pretty good. But it's not the same. So as part of my "let's see if we can't start doing some things for me and if it will improve my life, mood, creativity, and energy" I'm reincorporating music into my life. And thus I, the woman who 'doesn't dance' has started dancing spastically, with my dog.


Dolly said...

Good for you.... Keep it up. Live one day at a time and forget about what other people think of you. No one is gonna take care of you but you.

So glad you're having a good couple of days.

Tammy said...

Happy to hear you're having fun and feeling a little better!

LOL by the way LOVE the title Chocolate SHOULD be a major food group!