Monday, September 27, 2010

I Need a Favor

Okay guys. I need a favor. I'm over at Bitten By Books today (off and on. I do have the day job). I need people to comment to get the ball rolling. Could you please stop by: and comment. The good news is, one of the commentees will have their name drawn out of a hat to win an autographed copy of Siren Song and a $20.00 gift certificate to either Barnes & Noble or Borders.

On another note (C#) I am back from the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Convention in Denver. It was a WONDERFUL event, and I met lots of great book people. Book people are the best! Of course the travel wore me out. It always does. So I spent most of Sunday sacked out. I got up for church and to eat. That's about it. Oh, I did take a short walk in the evening to get the groceries so I COULD eat. But I think in the last 48 hours I've slept something like 30 of them. And I am now feeling MUCH better.

I got a migraine in the airport in Denver. It was bad enough that I needed to hurl. But I couldn't hurl for fear that my head would explode---and I'd survive it.

For those of you who think a migraine is just a "headache" let me give you a couple of comparisons: (End each with "as headache is to migraine")

Hill is to Everest . . .
Cup of water is to the Pacific Ocean . . .
$.01 is to the national deficit . . .

You get the idea.

Fortunately, I took something and after an hour or so I was reasonably functional---at least enough to get home. Thank God for medicine. Seriously.

Okay, I'm off.


Dolly said...

Cie, I tried but the website keep giving me an error message.

C. T. Adams said...

Sorry, it didn't copy right. If you go to and click the first button to "Guest Blogger" I'll pop right up. :)