Thursday, September 09, 2010

Where have I been?

Okay, things have been nutsoid.

Day job has been shorthanded and balls-to-the-wall busy and stressful, and since it's summer there have been vacations to work around (including my time off to go to Colorado and look at the house).

There have been the negotiations on said house. We have hit snags, but I think it will work out.

There have been the financial arrangements to try to get said house (time consuming and a pain in the patoot since most banks aren't thrilled when most of your income is through self-employment).

My computer died (after ten years of hard use) and I had to shop, find one I wanted, buy it, install it, load the modem software, load all of the other software, unload the stuff that won't work with Windows 7, swear, find other software to replace that stuff (YES it was old, but it did what I wanted the way I wanted darn it).

Because of the paragraph above I got behind on oh, you know, that whole WRITING thing.

And things still aren't slowing down.

SO, I can officially say that until mid-November, I will probably be visiting only sporadically.



Tammy said...

We miss you too! Hang in there, things will work out eventually.


Dolly said...

We will certainly miss you. Best of luck on all you have going on right now.