Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ugh. I am having a bad case of the don' wanna's. I need to go into the hot, box-filled garage again (I spent a couple hours there the other night) and look for the Guns and Ammo magazine that has Cathy's article in it, and also find the black suede skirt that is for dressy occasions that I was absolutely sure I woudn't need until after I moved, only now I DO need it.

Or, in the alternative, I need to gather receipts and enter them into Quicken on the new computer for taxes.



I have discovered that it has now been long enough since I had fun (as opposed to a nice time, which while, well, nice, is not FUN) that I may have forgotten how. THIS is a problem that requires attention. But apparently NOT today as I have to find my freakin' skirt before I do the upcoming appearance, and I really DID promise to find the freakin' magazine as well.


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