Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post is getting written Saturday morning because I'm going to have a completely packed schedule today and this evening.  But it IS getting written, which is progress.  And it gives me the opportunity to see if the whole "Schedule" thing where it releases on a timer actually WORKS.  Which it should.  But seriously, if it's possible for me to screw it up, I probably will.

I am actually very good with technology, and software.  But I am in a hurry, and stressed, and that never helps the learning curve. 

Perhaps I should do some Zen-like meditation.  Ooohm, ooohm, woogita woogita woogita woogita, THUNK, oooohmmmm, ooohmmmm.

There much better.  (For those of you who don't recognize the above, it is an imitation of an old washing machine I had in the basement of my house back in Denver.  It was right under the air ducts, so every time I did laundry I had a relaxing Zen-like experience.)  My son and I dubbed it the Zen washer, and we were completely heartbroken when it finally broke down permanently.  No washer before or since has been so loved.  (Although the one I have now comes close because I had to do without one for so long and I am NOT a big fan of the laundramat.)

ANYWAY, back to the point.  (There was a point?  Really?  Where?)  This is a test post. 

So, TESTING, 1, 2, 3.  TESTING 1,2,3.


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