Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Evening Post

Greetings all.  Time for the Saturday Evening Post. 

First, Thanks again to Linnea. 


TRUBBLE - An autographed book by Linnea Sinclair
JACKIE B - A signed cover flat of BLOOD SONG

I have contacted Jackie for her address.  I'm having trouble tracking down TRUBBLE (SOOOOOOO not my usual problem may I add), so if you can get hold of him/her have him/her contact me in the comments below with an e-mail address OR e-mail me at with a snail mail address to mail the prize to and "YOU'RE IN TRUBBLE" in the RE.


Now, on to the post.

One of the things that always surprises people when they embark on writing as a career is that it's HARD.  No, seriously, people are shocked by this.  It's not just the writing---putting the butt in the chair and manufacturing worlds, people, and action all with the power of words (which is, by the way, a trick in and of itself), but that there's so much other STUFF involved. 

Marketing; blogging; calendaring deadlines; edits, copy edits, galleys; promo; appearances/signings; online presence (Twitter, FaceBook/MySpace, etc.); contests, mailing prizes; etc. 

It's work.  It's wonderful, happy, rewarding work, but it is WORK. 

So don't be surprised if/when you decide to embark on this wonderful adventure, to find out that like most adventures there will be lots of times when things are crazy-making, exhausting and scary.  After all, all the best adventures are.

And hey, count yourself lucky.  At least you're not one of my heroines.  Have you SEEN what I put them through?!!

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