Thursday, December 29, 2011


OKAY, I'm trying to get on top of things.  (Which is harder than it sounds.)  Things I've accomplished include:

Getting Visiting Dignitaries scheduled through April.

Finding the additional art for the new website and negotiating with the artist. (Now I have to pay for it and get it up online for the January 1 launch date).

Getting straight in my head where Boone Carter is going.  (It is written on the spot, but I can't help thinking about it.  "What if . . . "  I haven't made decisions, but I have a general direction.  I think.  Unless something more interesting comes to my head.)

I've got beta readers for when I have the draft of the first individual book finished. (Hoping for the 1st of the year, but I should've written this weekend and didn't.  Was fried.  Tried to write and wound up with smelly, stinking crap on the page.  So took a break.)

I have the paperwork for the beta readers (my day job is in a law office.  Of COURSE I have paperwork.  Duh.)

Still need to work out the January questions.  (I don't want to continue with the same old questions every month.  But I'm not Barbara Walters, so interviewing doesn't come naturally for me.)

Still need to go through and add the release dates for everybody new to the calendar on the new website and make sure I haven't missed anybody.

Lots more, but I want to stop now so that I can get to the actual BOOK.  Which needs to get written.  It is SOOOOOOOO easy to get distracted by all of the other "stuff" you need to do that you don't wind up writing. 

BAAAAAD Author.  No cookie.



Tammy S said...

LOL, will share soft sugar cookie with frosting.

You've done more and have more on your plate coming up than I think I did all year. Congratulations on what you've done!

C. T. Adams said...

Why thank you ma'am. Don't mind if I do. :)

Dolly said...

Cie, am so pleased to have you back and posting regularly. Reading your blog is part of my afternoon routine and I was missing it badly.
Got a lot on your plate. Just really wanted you to know that I appreciate you and all you do.