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Visiting Dignitary! Linnea Sinclair


For our very first Visiting Dignitary of the new "season" I am pleased to bring you Linnea Sinclair.  Linnea is an old friend and the author of some amazing stories that meld science fiction and romance in an intoxicating (and addicting) blend that is as unique as she is. 

Now on with the interview:

It's good to hear from you again. It's been a while. I understand you've been very busy. What have you been working on?
A new science fiction romance adventure novel, working title MOON UNDER GLASS. I'm dealing with a unique universe (in the writing sense of the word) and a unique star system where humans are the newcomers and "low on the totem pole," as the saying goes. The book has a bit of an Indiana Jones flair to it as it deals with antiques and alien artifacts--as well as murder, theft, betrayal and, of course, love.

I understand that you have a party you throw pretty regularly at the Romantic Times convention. Could you tell me a little about it? Do you have any details about this year's event?

--The Intergalactic Bar & Grille Party is RT's ONLY science fiction themed party, and is going into its sixth year (at least I think that's correct) of out-of-this-world craziness and mayhem and lots (and LOTS) 0of fabulous freebies. I don't have the full schedule yet (not until RT gets it to me) but it's usually on Wednesday, early evening. The party centers around question-and-answer table games, and those who've watched a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars will definitely do well! But there are also questions about the book of my "crew," my co-host authors, which this year include Cie Adams (1/2 of Cat Adams), Catherine Asaro, Marcella Burnard, Stacey Kade, Isabo Kelly, Jade Lee (aka Kathy Lyons), Liddy Midnight, and Janet Miller (aka Cricket Starr). And, of course, me. Every party goer gets a goody bag stuffed with things that flash and blink and light up (very sci fi!). And we serve snacks and booze...and have a fabulously fun time!
Sounds like fun!

You have a fairly significant backlist? How many books have you written? Can you give us the titles?

I have eight books out with Bantam, including my Dock Five series, and one novella with Simon & Schuster/Pocket.

GABRIEL'S GHOST (Dock Five #1)
SHADES OF DARK (Dock Five #2)
THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES (now is movie production in Hollywood as "The Down Home Alien Blues"-
HOPE'S FOLLY (Dock Five #3)
"Courting Trouble" in SONGS OF LOVE & DEATH, George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois, Eds.
I also had a few books published by small presses about ten years ago, but they're out of print and I don't want to get readers frustrated if they try to find them.
If you had to be “stuck in an elevator” with one of your characters for several hours, who would it be and what would you talk about?
That's a tough question. I guess the character I'd want to be stuck with would be one who'd know how to FIX the elevator! But that would actually include most of them, since most of my characters either maintain their own starfreighters or have significant experience with starships and other things mechanical. My first inclination would be to say Philip Guthrie, because he's one of the older characters I've written and I just enjoy his practical yet snarky personality. But I'd hate to be stuck in the elevator with him and NOT with Rya Bennton as well, because she's his 'other half' and I know he'd be a lot happier if she was there. As for conversation, I'd want to know how the war was going, how the new Alliance was faring, and how his brother, Devin, was adjusting to all the events in REBELS AND LOVERS--especially his reunion with Kaidee, the one woman he couldn't forget yet was forbidden to love.
If you could change one of your characters, which one would it be and why?
I can't think of one I'd want to change. I'd like to revisit all of them and see their continuing adventures--and growth. But none I'd change.
Do you listen to music as you write? If so, which artists? What is your playlist?
Definitely, mostly trance and electronica providing there are no lyrics/words (or very few). I post my playlists in the beginning of most of my books. DJ Lithium ( is one of my go-to favorites. I also like Juno Reactor, DJ Tiesto, Firestorm, and Crystal Method.
The business of writing is changing rapidly. Do you find the change scary? Invigorating? How (if at all) have you changed your career plans/path as a result?
I don't feel the business of writing is changing, but the business of publishing is, and mostly in "delivery methods." Digital media has become an accepted (though still not as widely accepted as many would like) format, which has been enhanced by the Nook and other e-readers and tablets. I don't think that's changed stories per se. Conflict is still conflict, world building is still world building. The changes to the structure of writing, where novels needed to open with more action and "closer" to the meat of the story, happened about ten to fifteen years ago as society became more television- and movie-oriented. But that's about when I started to write fiction seriously, so my methods are more akin to "hit the ground running" kinds of stories than the older, leisurely openings (and plot and character development) of stories that are considered classics.
I haven't changed anything I do at all in relation to digital media advances. The story still has to "work" and whether it's on a screen or a paper page makes no difference.
What is one key bit of advice you would give to a prospective writer:
Read Dwight V Swain's TECHNIQUES OF THE SELLING WRITER. It's hands-down the best instructional book on fiction writing, even though it was written over twenty years ago. If you do eighty percent of what Swain advises, you WILL sell.
Thank you so much for coming by.  All right readers.  As a thank you for your comments we have prizes available.  Two lucky "commentors" will be drawn at random.  One will receive a signed book from Linnea (shipable to addresses in the US only.)  Another will receive a signed cover flat of "Blood Song"

Linnea, again, thanks for coming by!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have never read any of Linnea Sinclair but I now plan to remedy that and buy some of her work. Thank you all for the hard work that goes into writing great books. Colleen Wright

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great interview. I agree that the business of writing has not changed, but publishing has. I look forward to reading some of Ms. Sinclair's work in my copious free time. rzapor

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview! Will definitely check out her work, though the Star Trek-y feel is something new to me.

jackie b central texas said...

Oh that party sounds like so much fun! I have not read your work but as a huge Indy, Star Wars/Star Trek junkie it sounds right up what works for me Ms. Sinclair. Thanks ladies for the Visiting Dignitary post heads up, it was "out of this world" fun!

jacabur2008(@)gmail( dot)com

*yadkny* said...

Linnea is a new to me author, but I'm all about reading science fiction and romance, so thanks for the introduction:) Looks like I might have some catching up to do with her back list.

Barbara Mountjoy said...

I really enjoyed this interview, Linnea, and I'm still carting my Swain volume with me in the car, brushing up on it when I've got a few minutes of down time here and there. Nice to meet you at Context 24 this summer!

Pauline B Jones said...

Well, I love all your books and am so glad to hear about the new book! Sounds really fun! Any update on when the movie will release?

Trubble said...

Love your books, Linnea! XD

C. T. Adams said...


Cie here. Thanks for coming by. Linnea, thanks for doing the wonderful interview.

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

I think that you made a good point, the writing has not changed publishing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having Linnea aboard, so to speak. I'm an SF/F reader and fairly recent convert to her brand of SFRom. I'm very much looking forward to MOON UNDER GLASS! ~David G

Terrel Hoffman said...

Linnea, I love your books! I only wished you wrote faster! Great memorable characters, exciting stories, fabulous worldbuilding, sexy (SEXY) heroes, what more could a reader want?

Karin Shah said...

Hi Linnea! I had to stop by because I am a huge fan! I have all of Linnea's novels published with Bantam and they are awesome!

If I had to be trapped in an elevator with one of her characters, I'd pick Branden Kel-Paten from Games of Command. Since he's partly cybernetic, I think he could get us out right quick. I love that he had to hide his feelings for Sass because they would be considered a malfunction. Amazing book!

I'm so happy you're working on another novel, Linnea!



CJ Parker said...

I've read many of Linnea Sinclair's books. Getting to sit through an interview was great. it's always nice to get to know a bit about your favorite authors.

Dolly/TN said...

Love the interview. This is one of the ways I find out about authors I've not read before.
Thanks Linnea and Cie!

Suzette said...

I know I have previously read some of your work but it has been awhile. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Will have to look for more of your work at the library so i can refresh my memory.

Got my bookmark and its sooo cute!

Suzette(Miney Moe)

BreiaB said...

I have heard of Linnea Sinclair but must admit to never picking up one of her books. I think I will have to make a "trip" to amazon and see what I can add to my kindle.

bbricke at yahoo dot com

Linnea Sinclair said...

Thanks for the comments to date, all! And LOL, Karin--yeppers, I'd want a character who could fix the elevator. Woe be it one should miss Happy Hour at the local spaceport bar! ;-)

Liz S. said...

Looking forward to Moon Under Glass. Love all your stories, but Accidental Goddess in my favorite, although Hope's Folly is a close second!

Regina said...

Hi,Ive never read any of Linnea's books either,altho the name sounds familiar.I will have to ck them out.

robinky42 said...

I have never read any of Ms Sinclair's books but will have to try one.
Robin Priddy

DeAnn G. Rossetti said...

Great interview! It's always fun to read what Linnea is up to lately, and about her great parties. I have read all of Linnea's books and really enjoyed them, all for different characters and situations. Her world-building is so complete, and her characters so realistic that I find myself frustrated that I am unable to hitch a ride on one of the starships and have a chat with the protagonists!I hope her next book comes out soon, as I am addicted to her works. Thanks, Ms Adams, for the great visiting dignitary blog post!

Elf2060 said...

Great interview! Love Linnea's books and was tickled that her choice for the companion(s) on the elevator matched my own! Can't wait for the new book but sure wish there were more in the previous series. Happy Holidays to you both! And yes, nobody can throw an Inter-galactic shindig like Linnea and her buddies!

Marta said...

Love Linnea's stories, and hope that her back list of small press books makes it to digital soon.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, a new book underway. I will be keeping my eyes pealed for this one. I very much enjoy your books Linnea and I am looking forward to the movie as well.
Connie Moore

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