Saturday, September 10, 2016

And we're off (but you knew that).

Okay, I am not sure how many days I'm in to the program, but I figure I'm just continually trying to change and grow, so it won't matter so much.

I have done my exercises.  I have been taking my vitamins and the Rx.  I have been writing every day.  I sent the first part of the mss off to an editor friend for comments.  I contacted a thriller author to see if he'd be willing and have time to give me a quote a month or so from now.  I have done the newsletter up and got three chapters ready to attach in hopes that the audience will be salivating for the new Celia Graves novel that comes out in a month. 

I have done the motivational and spiritual work that I need to, and ordered the programs and learning materials I need.  I have been working on the household stuff, but have not made as much progress on the repairs as I had hoped -- but will work on improving that as well.

So, all in all, I'm doing well.  I'm feeling better physically and emotionally. 

With regard to the thriller, because I'm thinking of self-pubbing it (my publisher is Fantasy/Sci Fi/UF specialist) (and although if the agent thinks otherwise, I may change my mind) if I do I think I'm going to have a section in the back for FSBB (fun stuff in the back of the book) which will have fun stuff like the drawings I do for the floor plans of buildings, a photo I've taken of the water tower with all of the vultures on it (one day there were 126 of them!  When you consider these birds are BIG -- say 2 ft tallish that's a LOT of birds/feathers/poop); a copy of the bag packed the way I have the heroine doing it to prove that YES it CAN be done.  (She fits a LOT of stuff in that bag.  LOL).  I may change my mind about it, I do change my mind a lot, but it sounds like a fun thing and it would give readers a little insight into the little things I do to try to make sure that the book is relatively accurate.  Not perfectly accurate, but relatively.  (I have not ever been a spy, ergo, I am making some of this up from the seat of my pants--but I have done the research.)

Okay, I have to go.  Writing a reminder to the newsletter guru as it didn't go out yesterday.  I believe she was out planting trees.


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