Saturday, September 03, 2016


Okay, I'm not sure what day it is.  I could do the math, but that would require counting back and looking at the first post and the heck with that.  Whatever the heck day it is, it is a good one. 

I have been writing.  It is going well.  I switched from first person to third so that I can add a POV character because the main character cannot be in two places at once.  (This is not a sci/fi or fantasy book, it's a thriller).  This has meant going through and changing about fifty to sixty pages.  But it is worth it.  And I am finally, FINALLY feeling like a writer again.  Cutting out a lot of passive voice, which is what I fall into when I'm tired.  If you ever read passive voice in my books, know that it is in there because I was too exhausted to actually see what I was doing.

Today is the first day of a 5 day weekend for me.  This is awesomeness personified.  And I am already kicking butt getting things done.  So I get 10 major attagirl points. 

I have been doing a lot of affirmative stuff. 

About a year and half to two years ago (yikes) I found a bunch of tape programs in a drawer that were self-help, affirmative, GO FOR IT stuff that was HUGELY helpful to me, and moved me toward being happier and reaching my goals, gave me energy, etc.  But they were TAPE programs.  This is an issue.  It is HARD to find cassette recorders that work.  Mine died.  Two more that I bought on Amazon died.  And now some of the tapes were wearing thin.  (Can't say as I blame them.  Seriously, it's 2016.  I got these in appx. 1992-1995ish.  These babies may not have gotten a lot of use (if any) before the past couple of years, but they're OLD.  SO, after an attempt that was not entirely successful at getting another tape player, I went onto Amazon as one of my 100 day things and found a couple of the programs that worked best for me on CD, on sale, as cheaply as I would've been able to get another cassette player.  Now I know CD's are on their way out too, but I have several things with CD players in them and an old Sony CD player.  So I should be set for a while.  :)

So I am back in business on that.

I had used a particular prayer book daily for a long time.  It fell apart.  This is a sign that it was useful.  SO, as one of my 100 day things I went online and found a store that (fingers crossed) I THINK has the right booklet, and have sent off for it in the mail.  :)

I have not been doing as well on the exercise front.  I have to get onto that.  But having some time off means I can catch up on housework, and some of the "schtoof" that I've been too behind on so that I use the time to try to keep my life on track rather than making progress to getting the life I want. 

I'm still battling some depression, but it's receding as I get control and take action about the things that were bothering me the most.  I'm trying to remember to take my vitamins, etc. regularly.  Sleep schedule is still totally screwed, but that's part of the whole stress and no exercise package.  Seriously, when I exercise I'm less stressed, sleep better, feel better and accomplish more.  But somehow getting myself to do it regularly is HARD.  Stupid, but true, and not just for me I think.

I am now off to do more.  Be well.  Be happy.  Buy books.


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Anonymous said...

Proud of you!!! As for your CDs going obsolete - transfer the files to your computer or maybe a portable MP3 other audio "machine"....then you don't have to worry 'bout CDs. Go get 'em!!!!