Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Crisis of Confidence

I am not perfect.

I will never be perfect.

I try.

I fail.

I try again.

I screw up.

Sometimes, at about this point, I get discouraged and think, maybe I should pack it in.  Seriously, is it time to give up.

Then I get my back up.  Or somebody says something mean and bitchy and I REALLY get my back up.  So I try again.

And holy crapola, I SUCCEED!  WOOT, WOOT, I ROCK.  I'm AWESOME.  I'm so glad I didn't quit.

And then it's on to the next thing.  I feel I've learned.  I've grown.  How hard can it be?

And I fail.

This is life.  Progress is not measured in a directly rising angle.  It's more of a slow up and down climb through the foothills to the mountains, and eventually a vertical climb up to the summit. 

I get tired.  I get discouraged. 

But I'm still climbing.

So far anyway.


Anonymous said...

Keep on going!!!! We're with you!!!

Anonymous said...

The original Navajo wove blankets with deliberate mistakes because only God can create perfection. That said...mere humans cannot be perfect by design!

Juanri said...

this is awesome!!! going to put it on MY wall for some extra motivation.
Ps been looking for new blood singer FOREVER ... any news?