Monday, December 26, 2016

Holly Happydays

Wishing you all happiness.

My brother is doing better.  This is wonderful.  My son is doing well.  This is wonderful too.

I am writing.  A lot.  And it is going well.

In fact, I got a call last night that lifted my spirits considerably.  ALL YOUR WISHES has been on the shelves for a while.  I've caught some crap from a couple of readers who are very angry that I killed one of the main characters.  Had a long, heartfelt letter from a reader who swears she will never read my books again because of it.

I have to say, it's been hard.  Between one thing and another, I've even considered finishing this contract and then throwing the towel in altogether.

But then I decided that I would do a novella for my Mom for her birthday.  She's wanted me to write a mystery since I started.  So I did.  For her.  And I started having fun writing again.  (THANKS MOM!)

And last night my friend Pam calls.  I had given her a copy of ALL YOUR WISHES because she and I were together on the vacation to Treasure Island that I used for research purposes for the book.  I thought she might like seeing how that turned out.  I wasn't even sure if she'd ever find time to read it because BUSY LADY.  But I wanted to give it to her just the same.  (Besides, most of my friends and family don't read paranormal.  They love me enough to have picked up a couple of the books, but they have been very disappointed that I don't write what they love to read).

WELL, she called me and SHE LOVED IT.  She said she thinks it's the best book I've written.  She can't put it down.  And she gave me crap about the loss of sleep involved.

And I needed to hear it.  Badly.  Because I'm writing the next one and the echoing silence with regard to my newsletter and the book has shaken my confidence.

AND so, today, I've written seven pages so far.  I'm taking a break to post this, then I'm back at it.

Thanks to the readers.



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