Friday, October 08, 2004

Guten Tag

I figured I'd go ahead and use that as the greeting because, unless I am mistaken, the Frankfurt festival is underway and Maja is busily trying to sell the foreign rights to Hunter on our behalf. Very exciting stuff. We've also received another killer review (pun intended).

Both of the short stories have been shipped off to their separate anthologies. Cathy is now getting back to Blue Lights and I am working on The Raveners. We've been discussing which way to go on the next Sazi book and are keeping our fingers crossed about the vampire novel that is currently with the agent. The postcards are in and are being sent out to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy mailing list. The RT article is out and the website is at approximately 1,162 hits. All in all, things are moving just exactly the way we've wanted them to. Cathy has the second article up on the website. All in all, it's just amazing how well the writing is going.

On a personal note my health seems to be holding up OK -- better than it had been for a while at least. I have a nice, quiet life. My son is doing well. Life is really pretty good and I'm grateful for it.


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