Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Stuff and Nonsense

Good morning!

I'm trying to gather my thoughts. I'm a little muzzy-headed the past couple of days. I pushed myself a little too hard and my body is making me pay for it. Sigh.

I've been reading a wonderful set of books. They're called the Dresden Chronicles and they're by Jim Butcher. Really enjoying them a lot. They're wildly funny as well as adventurous. Makes me feel a little inadequate by comparison. Then again, I feel that way a fair amount of the time anyway.

We have gotten 10 reviews on Hunter so far. None of them have ranked it lower than four stars (or hearts or angels or whatever). That is a VERY good sign and makes me happy. The review process was funny. One reviewer OBVIOUSLY hadn't read the book at all -- got the plot completely wrong. But most of them are being very serious and careful. You can tell from what they wrote that they really did read it and like it. That's gratifying. One of the most thoughtful though seemed to think that we should be drawing moral conclusions at the end of the book. That is SO not likely to happen. I want our characters to have different moral compasses and ideas. I do not want to impose my morals on either the characters or the readers. Cathy feels the same way. Good thing too, because she and I have very different viewpoints on a great number of things.

I've been getting in touch with some people in my past lately. I'm trying to play "connect the dots" and figure out who I was, am, and where I am going. I've changed a lot over the years. Most of it has been good, but I need a little breathing space to assimilate it all. That may not make sense, but it's true nonetheless. I'm also trying to decide what kind of "style" I want as far as my clothing, hair, etc. I let that go for a long time, but the interest has resurrected. There are people who would say that's a sign my self-esteem is improving. Maybe so, maybe no. As far as I'm concerned, it just is a fact that needs to be dealt with.

Well, this has turned into more of a journal entry than a blog, sorry about that.


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