Monday, October 04, 2004

Welcome to Another Week

Hi! Welcome to another week.

Good news.

1) Apple (a short story) has been accepted for publication in an anthology. This is a mystery anthology, which means that we're getting at least one little toe into that market. Whoo hoo. Cathy is doing the edits because I'm really not the short story type of person. But this is still VERY good news.

2) Ian edits are being reviewed by Cathy before the story goes into the dark romance anthology.

3) After Happily Ever After has been sent on to the agent who is looking it over. (Whoo hoo again).

4) Again, Kate is with the agent.

5) Cathy and I had a much deserved celebratory lunch at Red Lobster. We've been working VERY hard. During the lunch we went over the sticking points for The Raveners/I Will Remember. So, I've been working on that one while she works on Blue Lights. All in all, we are moving rapidly forward.

6) The hit counter on the website is well over a thousand. (Whoo hoo!)

All in all, very busy with very gratifying things!

Gotta run! Otherwise I won't get any more writing done today, and I really do hope to!


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