Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hi Guys!

Morning D.T., Jim, Yolanda and everyone else who stops by or "lurks." (Somehow that word always makes me think of someone in a dark alley with a black trenchcoat and fedora).

Writing is going well. This is a good thing.
Health still improving. This is a very good thing.

Other stuff is being a pain in the patootie, but I'll get past it.

I do think I'm finally healthy enough to actually mow my yard. This will be of great joy to my neighbors, who have been being very patient while I've been sick. Then there are the inevitable (and innumerable) errands that have to be run. It's sort of like that old car ad about snowflakes. Individually, no problem, but they just have this tendency to gang up on you.

8:00 -- time to get to work. Gotta run.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like an errand day for you today, huh? Have a great day everyone!

David Tellez said...

OMG...how did you know I visit your blog wearing my beige trenchcoat and Henry Higgins hat?

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

My gosh! It's sooooo hard when your internet access refuses to respond! ARGHHHHHHH - all day! I couldn't get on ALL day!

But on another note, I did get my latest first draft completely done! Cool!

Hope you get all your errands done Cie!

Hi guys!

Anonymous said...

Weekend is here again tomorrow! woo-hoo!! I couldn't be any busier these days!