Monday, June 13, 2005


Hi guys. I'm back from the weekend.

Good news -- I'm THIS CLOSE to being over the chest crud. Just a couple more days of being careful and being a good girl and I should actually be feeling like a real live human being again. (Instead of a poorly animated corpse.) Bad news, being sick is EXPENSIVE. I SO don't recommend it! There are so many more fun ways to spend your money.

Work on the book is going well. Ran into a pisser of a scene though this weekend. Yes, yet again it was a transition scene that gave me fits. Give me action, give me angst, hell, even give me a sex scene and I can probably deal with it. But transitioning is just harder for me. I'm also working to amp up the sexual chemistry between the protagonists. I'm not sure it's working. It's hard to think sexual tension when you're sick. I'm sorry, but you're SO not in the mood. I'll have to edit it when I'm completely well to make sure I captured the tension we need.

Well, off I go to face another week. Miles to go, dragons to slay (actually, more like errands to run, but it doesn't sound nearly as exotic).



Anonymous said...

Cie, glad you are getting better, yipee! You are too funny with your post about how expensive being sick is, and couldn't be more right on that too. Have a good week!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I'm also happy that you're feeling better... COOL! And don't worry about the writing - that's what second, third and etc drafts are for, huh? ;)

Have a GREAT week and you too Jim!