Friday, August 26, 2005

HMNNNNNNN Stuff and Fan Fiction

HI Guys!

OK, the weekend is almost here again. Where the HECK is the time going I feel like George Jetson on the treadmill!

Let's see...

They did a second small print run on Hunter's Moon. :) BIG good news. It's still selling steadily and well. :D

Moon's Web is selling solidly, but not as well as Hunter did at this time. :( (Which means folks, PRETTY PLEASE go tell everybody -- word of mouth helps.) Basically I think a couple things might have happened. (1) We had the change of covers, so some of our publicity went out with the old cover and folks got confused (maybe another author who has had that happen said it really had a negative effect on her sales. I dunno.) (2) When they were promoting Hunter they were promoting the start of the whole line -- so now the line is out and they're back to normal so we didn't get any extra marketing push and special placement.


We're getting MUCH more fan mail on Moon's Web (probably triple), and the reviews are coming in BETTER than for Hunter. SOOOOO I think it will build, maybe more slowly than we'd like, but I believe it WILL build. But word of mouth is good. (HINT HINT ;))

COOL NEWS -- It looks like I may actually be able to go to The Vampire Lestat Ball. Keeping my fingers crossed. (Sorry about the pun. Couldn't help myself). AND there is a possibility (depending on if I can haul my heinie to Washington DC) of my getting an interview on "Eye on Books" at a future date. This would be seriously cool because (a) Well known site with a seriously cool interviewer; (b) The interviews go up on the website for them, which is excellent exposure since he interviews the really big names (which we, of course, want to become). That's still up in the air, but we're working on it.

Health is so/so at the moment. Ugh. Working on that too.


I said I would give my opinion on fan fiction.

My opinion is.... "Whatever."

I know. How inflammatory is that!!!!

But, seriously, I would be flattered as hell that somebody loved the books and the characters enough to want to play with them. But I'm not going to read it and risk getting my... ahem... heinie sued off. I think some fan fiction is as good as the original works -- and some is just absolute dreck, a lot are fun, some are really and TRULY perverted (I may never look at Harry Potter the same way again after having stumbled across one particular piece when looking for samples to see what all the kerfluffle was about!)

Some authors think that by doing fan fic you're saying they screwed up by not putting something in, or going the direction they did. Nyeh.... metz metz. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I mean you can't exactly make everybody happy and it's foolish to try. You do the best you can and hope there's an audience out there who will agree with you. (And buy books -- LOTS AND LOTS of books ;))

I do feel bad about a couple of things -- for one literacy is down. People don't read fiction. UGH! I do have hope for the younger generation though. The Harry Potter phenomenon made reading cool again.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

Another interesting post!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend...


Anonymous said...

Intersting post! Hope everyone had a good weekend. On a side note, this Katrina hurricane is a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I am so apalled by the aftermath of the hurricane. It is just amazing. And I can't believe that there are people who are jerks enough to loot the damaged stores. I know, I know, I'm naive (sp), but it just doesn't make SENSE to me! Times like this people should be pulling TOGETHER. I'm going to be contacting the Red Cross or one of the other charitable organizations about making a donation. This kind of disaster makes my whining seem awfully petty.

Take care of yourselves guys.