Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thanks and Stuff

Thanks Yolanda for posting the review for us! Appreciate it. Also, glad you like the new cover for Kate/TOE. We're not posting it up anywhere like the blog or website yet because we want Moon's Web to get the glory for a little while. (But Jim, if you're interested and can get big attachments I can sneak you a peek).

Moon's Web is doing well and we're very proud of it. The whole cover thing is tricky because some of the publicity went out with the old cover, so it keeps cropping up (and OOOPS the space cadet forgot to send the stuff to Jim and Yo. SORRY! I'm writing myself a note now!)

Writing on Cat went marvellously during my vacation, but has slowed down this week as I try to get my feet back under me at the "real" job. One of these days I hope that writing will be the "real" job and the day job just filler. Not yet, but VERY soon I think.

Well, speaking of which, I'd better get back to it.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations again, what another exciting week for you both! Very cool! I am getting ready for the weekend, I can't wait, I have a fun one I am planning out, kind of like last weekend (another convention).

Anonymous said...

Hi Yolanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y said...

No worries Cie! It was truly my pleasure to post one for you guys. It truly is an AWESOME book.

I'm so happy that MOON'S WEB is doing well for you both.

Oh, I went to the bookstore yesterday and got my copy of MOON'S WEB with the different cover - it's still very cool! Anyway, they had a whole bunch of them on display as NEW THIS WEEK and after I picked up my copy, another girl came in right after and grabbed one too! YAY! I said to myself: must tell Cie and Cathy!

Have a wonderful day!


HEY JIM! Have fun at the convention... wow, another one? SO COOL! ;)

PS Cie, you're NO space cadet...