Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Our Tsunami

They are calling this hurricane "our tsunami". Considering the size of the waves they're describing, I guess it isn't far wrong.

I'm just stunned. I know, I'm supposed to have words for everything. I'm a writer. But there are no words. I read where they're putting refugees in the Astrodome and they've cleared the calendar there until DECEMBER. Holy Freak Batman DECEMBER. It's only September 1 tomorrow.

I'm completely flummoxed -- and wind up sounding like an airhead every time I think about it (see previous post). It seems WEIRD also having other countries offering US aid. Kind of backwards. Could well be we'll be needing it too. Wow.

Pray for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Cie, keep up with this forum, one person works for the army in Fort Polk, another works for a local TV station in LaFayette and one works in Baton Rouge at a 24 hour store:

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

It's so awful... watched some of the chaos on TV last night. It's shocking and frightening.

I feel so sorry for all those affected personally.