Tuesday, August 30, 2005

OK Weird

I wrote something about Katrina, the Red Cross, and why I don't understand random looting. (Although it occurs to me that if you don't have safe food, and you don't have access to emergency services... I dunno. I'm such a regular customer at my local grocery, I'd probably leave 'em a note with my list so they could charge me. But that's the advantage of using little local stores. I had a couple in Denver (They eventually sold out for big money -- SIGH.) that I went to for YEARS, we watched each other's kids grow up, they delivered to my house when I was sick with pneumonia free of charge, special cut my meat, special ordered things for me all the time. Same with the little family-owned pizzaria. I miss that. A lot. Even though I'm in a small town now, I don't get that level of service most of the time. Although the butcher at the meat shop is beginning to know me though, which is improving my service there.

ANYWAY, back to the point. I believe in helping others, so as soon as I can I'm sending donations to the relief efforts. The people in the gulf area have been so hard hit. The photos of the devastation are just amazing. It's such a BIG disaster, I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I've been sending e-mails to folks I know in that area making sure they're OK. I haven't heard from some -- but then power has been out, etc. So I'm keeping them in my prayers and hoping that there won't be too many deaths.


Anonymous said...

I have spent the last two days trying to find out about my Friends in New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, luckily I found out about them, but it took me about 36 hours to do that, all of them are safe. I have some aquiaintences there, but don't have anyway of finding out about them. It is a totally horrible situation. I heard there is a hole in the levy in New Oleans the size of a football field they are contending with, and that sharks are swimming in the French Quarter.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Gosh, that's awful Jim!

I hope there's not TOO much more damage or more people affected...