Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hi Guys

Faerie of Compassion-- You are the Faerie of compassion! You are loving, generous, honest, and helpful. You live your life for the sole purpose of helping others. When another person is unhappy you feel deeply for them and try to make them happier. Your soul is pure and without corruption from sins like greed and pride.

OK, I took the test linked to on Yo's Blog and that's what I got. Some of it seems a little too-goody-two-shoes, but some seems right on the money.

I'm doing a little better today. I got some writing done before work. Merged two big scenes together because the middle was dragging. I think this works better. We'll have to see.

I'm excited (and scared) about the house, I close tomorrow. I'm excited about the trip to DC for the interview (and nervous). I competed in public speaking in the way back dark ages, so I think I should be Okay, but I have to admit, I'm nervous. Besides, I hate my recorded voice. I sound like I'm about eight. Sigh.

Piano gets delivered this weekend. I don't know if I told everybody about it -- I thought I had told people, but maybe not. I haven't been talking much. Part of that is withdrawal because I've been feeling under a lot of pressure. But the piano, while not a particularly practical purchase, wasn't all that expensive. And I needed something for "me." I noticed that I was losing myself to all the roles in my life, and that the writing that used to be just for enjoyment is now my career and needs to be taken very seriously and treated respectfully. It's good. I love it. But you can't have everything in your life be work related. Some things need to just be for fun. Otherwise you get depressed and... well... cranky. (Sound familiar? Not that I've been EITHER of the above. Oh no, not me. That... that was my evil twin sister! Yeah, right! LOL).

Got a nice recliner. It's not exactly what I want so it doesn't "count." But it's a nice thing nonetheless. What I mean is, I have as a goal buying the perfect Lazy-Boy brand recliner. I know exactly the one I want. I've wanted it for years. But that puppy isn't cheap and I've been waiting until I got my life on track before I bought it. I'm still waiting, but I ran across this incredible deal on a nice reclining chair in the meantime, so I picked it up. But it's not what I want, so the goal still exists. I'm stubborn that way.

One day at a time. I have to have faith. Things will work out. It just takes time. Generally, I've noticed that it takes just about as much time to unscrew things as it did to screw them up in the first place. If so, I have a LONG road ahead of me.

Have a great day.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Cie. I did that test, too, and I am the Faerie of Creativity. I take from the description what I want to, usually, but this one was very fitting. And she's wicked sexy too, so that's cool. :)

We bought our house a couple of years ago. It was nuts. The title was tied up because of some lean on it by the previous owners, blah-blah-blah. I hope all goes smoothly for you!

Yay for the piano! And, I totally understand being stubborn about not settling for less than you want. Get the chair you want when you can!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the house! And so cool about the piano too!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...


CONGRATS on all the GREAT things! I'm so happy that things are working out one bit at a time... you deserve it! And a piano! So cool!

Have a GREAT day, okay?

Keep :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy weekend everyone! Happy Halloween!