Monday, October 31, 2005


You're Seth Gecko, you bastard.
Fun at the Titty Twister.

Which B-Movie Badass Are You?
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OK I took the quiz. This is my "B Movie Badass." Now somebody tell me the movie so I can rent it! :)

Didn't write over the weekend. Took Saturday off and wound up sick Saturday night and most of Sunday. Just a little virus, but what a pain in the neck.

SOOOOOO close to the end. I know I'm ready for the book to be finished. Last night I dreamed a frustration dream about it NEVER ending. But tonight my son has to work, so I have hours and hours to get it done. Just hope I can manage it.

Closing got postponed until today. Piano got delivered yesterday. Life is good, but I still am tired.




Anonymous said...

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Y said...

Cool, you took the quiz! Seth Gecko is a character in the movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. Quentin Tarantino's in it too!

Well, hope you're feeling better Cie!


Megan said...

from dusk till dawn had a huge reality cliff on it

AE Rought said...

Hey, Cie, I'm Seth, too! And, my girlfriend, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I couldn't get into the blog part of the site over here over the past two days for some reason, but I can now! I just wanted to stop by and say "hi"! Now, the weekend is almost here now, woo-hoo! I am going to a Halloween party on Saturday (and it's after Halloween), should be a fun one!