Friday, March 24, 2006


Sorry I haven't written more. Life continues to be hectic. Let's see, good news first:

Signing tomorrow. :) Waldenbooks in San Angelo where Damon takes very good care of everybody. Evidently the local newspaper may or may not show up, so I'll actually have to do the whole make-up thing and wear red so that I don't look like a corpse in any pictures. I will also be bringing the digital camera so I can take pics of people who come by (assuming anyone does).

I indulged myself big time to celebrate making the lists. My entire adult life I've wanted an actual LazyBoy recliner. I got one. I sink into that thing and my body just goes limp and relaxed. WONDERFUL stuff. Of course it's HUGE. It looked big in the showroom, but there's big and there's BIG. Still, it was the one that actually fit -- right length from hip to knee, right height to support my neck, everything.

We signed another three book deal with Tor. VERY EXCITING. Happy happy. We get to work with Anna Genoese some more. :D She rocks! Of course, I could be prejudiced a bit -- after all she is the discerning soul who decided to buy OUR books in the first place. (LOL). I do wish we'd get the edits back on Cat. I'm honestly scared to death about it. I just won't feel "safe" until I see that the book is really going to make it. James, who has read it, says that it's a great book and I worry too much. But he's my son, and he's prejudiced. Cat (Howling Moon) was by far the HARDEST of the books to write so far. There was so much to take into account, things that were said in passing that had to be incorporated, a time line that was set in concrete. (Deep breaths, stop hyperventilating LOL)

I will be switching to full-time writing soon. Heady, scary stuff. But we have lots of contracts and lots of deadlines, and it's time. I know this, but oh boy am I nervous about it.

Lucky the puppy has backslid a bit. Fence has a new problem, so we've been tying her up. This means she didn't really get enough exercise this week and came into the house destructive because of it. She's a big, energetic puppy and needs to blow off steam and not be stuck inside. I know this. But I've been sick, and tired, and the fence hasn't been truly fixed. (I thought it was, and was terribly disappointed to see her get loose again!) This Sunday I'll put up the new fence section, repair the damage she's done everywhere (screens, screen door, etc.) and we'll start again.

She isn't completely housebroken yet, either, but she is doing well. It'll help when I'm home more and available to let her in and out. The fence is critical. I just have to get the fence done first and things WILL improve. (Thinking positive!)

Gotta run. Real life calls. I have a ton of crap to get finished during my last week of work and none of it is going to do itself.

Take care of yourselves!



Shawn said...

Woooooohoooo! Congrats on the new deal and working with Anna G! I am so happy for you guys. Is Howling Moon the book you posted about on Katie Mac's board? (Where the heroine's parents were eaten? Hope I didn't give too much info away.)

Now that you have this new book deal, does that mean Touch of Evil will have a sequel?

LOL! Sorry about that! I went fangirl on you for a moment!

Congrats again Cie! On the book deal and the transistion to writing full time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going really good. Have fun at the book signing!