Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hi Guys!

OK we're counting down until I am a full-time writer. Very exciting stuff. Day job is still crazy for these last few days, but we're hanging in there.

At home I'm trying to get organized so that when big day one of the new full-time gig rolls around I will be ready to roll and make the most of it!

Cathy and I are now fully-fledged members of HWA -- the Horror Writers Association. Seriously cool stuff!

The guy who came to hook up my cable access at home was a jerk (apparently) didn't like the dog (ah well, she lives here, he doesn't), kept leaving the door open so that James had to frantically make sure the cats didn't get out (UGH) and disconnected my speakers, the printer, etc. and didn't bother to hook them back up. I have to sit down when I have a few minutes and get everything back the way it's supposed to be. Blasted nuisance, but still I'm glad to have the home access back up.

The gremlins are still stalking my life and undoing my progress, but I WILL PREVAIL! It really is hard though, trying so hard to make progress and seeing everything coming unraveled behind you. Who was the Greek in the myths who was punished by making him push a boulder perpetually up a hill? I can't remember the name. I keep thinking Cicephus (sp?) but I'm probably wrong. Tantalus was the guy who was punished by having food (an apple) perpetually just out of reach and water lapping at his feet until he bent down to get some and then it, too, would pull out of reach. Which is how the word Tantalyze came into being. Blast it -- I HATE not being able to remember things! It's going to drive me crazy until I remember enough to look it up. Ah well.

Well I'm wishing you all happines. Have to get back to it!



Shawn said...

You're right, it was Sisyphus. I'm rooting for you as the battle for the fence wages on.

I hate having to deal with bad service providers. You'd think the tech would have been a little bit more gracious since your business is what keeps him employed. :/

It's almost here! You'll be a full time writer soon!! Woohoo! Congrats!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

YAY for the full time writing Cie! Cool stuff. The HWA - I'm glad you're members... and bad service sucks. Mind you, nowadays I don't think there's anything else but bad service. :/

Have a GREAT day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday, one more day of work, yeah!