Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Quickie

OK, only have a minute. Book is out. It looks great! I'm stoked. Crossing my fingers for a possible USA Today showing. People go their whole careers without it, so I won't be crushed, but DAMN it would be a fun thing to do!

The puppy has more than doubled in size. I looked up the breed she might on the internet. They generally are 23-26 inches at the whithers and 60-100 pounds. Oh MY. Repeat. OH MY. THAT, my friends, is a DOG. Apparently they are notoriously smart (no kidding, I could tell) and fiercely loyal and protective. They are considered very good watchdogs for the home. This is good. I'm just glad she gets along with the cats! She needs more running room, so I am in the process of fixing the fence in the back yard. Wish me luck.

Gotta run. Life calls. I'll pop in over the weekend with a more informative post. Hope you'll all buy the book and love it. If not, lie to me. I need the confidence. (LAUGH). NOT. Seriously, I want constructive criticism, just not "Cheerios pissers" who whine and snipe to be mean without offering legitimate suggestions. Fortunately for me, while I've seen those types elsewhere, nobody who has stopped by here has been anything other than supportive.





Shawn said...

Hey Cie! Good luck with the backyard! Bought Touch of Evil but unfortunately had a monetary lapse and sent it to my sister's address. She is now holding it for ransome. :( Wah!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again on the new book release. Keep us posted as to any future book signings. Good luck with the fence. Congratulations on getting a cool new dog, what breed is it?

Anonymous said...

LOL Shawn. How big of a ransom? Will it be like the Danny DeVito movie where they kidnap his wife and then keep LOWERING the demand because she's just that much of a hag? (giggles) Seriously, thanks for buying it. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks Jim. Lucky Lady is apparently a Catahoula Leopard Hound (mostly, although she's probably a bit of a mix). Great dog. I'm hoping to post pictures soon if I can figure out how.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...