Thursday, June 22, 2006

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Yesterday was James' day off work. Since I'm still down with the spider bite (pretty sure now that it was a black widow according to the ER doc) which is recovering nicely, (but was not an experience I would ever care to repeat!) We had long, long conversations that covered a lot of territory both fun and theoretical. I am usually so blasted busy that conversation just as an art goes by the wayside in favor of conversations with a "point" and decisionmaking. Of course, our culture, too, values activity more than "just" chatting. Anyway, to get TO the point, the discussions brought up these huge, AHA moments that give you an insight that could seriously change how you approach things and what you do. I'm so glad I got the chance. And I wouldn't have if I wasn't injured. So out of bad comes some good.

Wrote a couple of paragraphs yesterday before I keeled over from being pooped. (The meds wear me out.) They weren't great, but I discovered what was bothering me about the basics of the story and I now have a direction.

Well, I'm getting weary. The house is a disaster. I haven't been functional and upright for a week because of the injury and stuff just doesn't do itself. I hate a filthy house, so I'm going to try to shovel it out in short bursts when I have energy today. Of course, if I push too hard I'll pay for it tomorrow, so maybe I should just rest. RIGGHHHTT.

Oh 11:30 tonight it will be one week. A whole week of my life with really no production of anything. Oh well. There really wasn't anything I could do about it.

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