Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ouch Continued (with a minor spoiler)

OK, it hurts. I was not nearly sympathetic enough to Cathy. I hereby apologize for any and all lack of sympathy for what happened to her leg last year.

My son is a little superstitious. He pointed out that in Moon's Web we have a werespider and Cathy got bit the year it came out. In one of the books coming out this year we mention a werespider and I got bit. He suggested NO MORE SPIDERS! (LOL)

I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow because I'm not sure if we're treating this aggressively enough. Cathy's was treated very aggressively and she didn't wind up needing surgery. I'd like to take that path too if I can.

Anyway, gotta go.

Best wishes.



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Ow, talk about superstition! That's eerie... here's hoping you don't need surgery. Got my fingers crossed for ya! :/

Anonymous said...

Surgery? Oh my gosh, I sure hope not, ugh! Well, if there is a Sazi series "werespider curse" it would be great for book publicity, but bad on the body, oy, get well soon, no more spider bites for you two, tell James to beware of the 8 legged creepy crawlies.