Friday, May 08, 2009


Hi Catdancing.

Hi everybody else too. Finally getting back on my feet. I'm going to the main post office. The books I promised Catdancing are going to be on their way. They were offered at RT as goodies and I hope you like them. (I have no idea what they're like, having not read them myself. But one is from Jade Lee [previous visiting dignitary], is signed, and if you like romance, you should love it.)

Cathy and I are also having an "Economic Downturn" contest through her blogs with packets of books and swag from the conference available. Stop by and try to win.

Gotta go.




Tammy said...

You say - stop by Cathy's blog - uh, I must be looking in the wrong area then since when i clicked on her link on your main website the blog I got hasn't been updated since May of last year.

C. T. Adams said...

Hmnfp. You might try going to a Rosie Hughes post and clicking on the link to her blog. I'm not sure what's up. SORRY. I hate being so poorly informed. I do know she does the Witchy Chicks blog too. HMNNNN. Let me see what I find out.

Tammy said...

I got her my space blog from a rosie post will see if i can find the one for witchy chicks too. Thanks Cie!

Anonymous said...

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